Mozart’s Childhood: Magical Beginnings

By March 26, 2010Music

Mozart lived between the years of 1756 to 1791, but during his childhood years in Salzburg he already started composing music. At the age of five he was already playing the violin for European royalty, but at the age of 17 he was engaged as a court musician. However, as the years past he became restless and wanted to travel. He did many travels with his father at a young age, but when he got older he decided to travel more, to Paris, London, Italy and Munich.


As he visited Vienna, he decided to stay and compose more music, better known to be one of his best works, the Requiem. Vienna is where his career really started. He started by performing as a pianist and soon quickly established himself as the finest. Within a few years he fully established his reputation as a composer. As years past he married and had six children, but only two had survived infancy. But it was his early death at the age of 35 which was known as much mythologized that many of his works became powerful. Over all Magic Flute is regarded as one of the best operas that show the true humanistic ideals into music of extraordinary beauty and uniqueness.

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