Mozart – Child Celebrity?

By May 13, 2010Music

As a child he only knew of his fame due to the increasing exposure he received and the envy he garnered from his rivals. As a child celebrity, Mozart was at risk for having poor emotional health, and difficultly obtaining his status, so as the years went by the fame slowly faded away.

It took many years for Mozart to see his fame fade, but most of that was due to not following his father’s advice and saving money. Mozart didn’t see the concept in saving money or knowing how to create an income.

Once Mozart became independent he struggled in learning how to survive on his own. His mother at one time traveled with him to Paris to help him live on his own and get a job. It was very difficult for Mozart to get back on his feet again, and it took him years to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Like most child celebrities a common occurrence appears when these children go into adulthood with corrupt lifestyles.  Finding a way out of it becomes a major issue.

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