Warren Christie: From Football Star to Opera Singer

By May 18, 2010Music

Warren Christie’s acting career officially started in 2005 when he appeared in minor roles on many television shows, including Pasadena, The Twilight Zone and Black Sasha. From these shows, Warren got a role in the horror film The Things Below, which led him to his next project, the movie The Day, where he played the character Lana Dugan. This is where he was noticed and his career spiked.

Shortly afterwards he joined the cast in the hit series Supernatural and the ABC drama series October Road, playing the former high school bully, Ray Cataldo. Aside from his fame on October Road, he got the lead role in Kevin Sullivan’s Mozart’s Magic Flute Diaries.

Although Warren is not a professional singer, he performed perfectly in Magic Flute Diaries. His singing was dubbed over, but his presence on stage solidified the cast.

In 2008 he added films to his list of credits, such as Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation and The Prince of Motor City. Make sure to keep an eye out for him on ABC’s new Happy Town.

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