Staging Opera for the Screen

By June 3, 2010Art

The renowned Opera Atelier is a Toronto-based opera company that puts on authentic ballets, operas and dramas from the 17th and 18th centuries.  Their productions are not just copies of past classics, but new creative experiences that use amazing costumes and sets, as well as feature acclaimed international singers.  Opera Atelier is popular throughout North America, as well as in Paris, Japan, Singapore and now Seoul, Korea, to name just a few locations.

When Kevin began production on the film, he was able to work with members of the actual company, including artistic directors, scenic artists and choreographers.  The company provided large backdrops, set pieces and costumes to be used on the Sullivan set, which enabled Kevin to effectively replicate the Landestheater Opera House, located in Salzburg.

In addition, many singers, dancers and performers for the company were used in the film.  Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on the performers in Mozart’s Magic Flute Diaries and their previous experience with the opera company!

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