Kevin Sullivan’s Take on the Meaning of Magic Flute

By July 12, 2010Music

The Magic Flute is one of Mozart’s most famous works.  Here is the perspective of the director of Mozart’s Magic Flute Diaries, Kevin Sullivan, on what he believes the opera is really about.


The Magic Flute is essentially a Masonic opera written for common folk of Mozart’s time and not for the aristocracy,” Kevin says.  “It was first performed in a beer garden.  At the same time it is a fairytale laden with Masonic symbolism; and tries to explore the human experience that we all have of finding meaning in life.”

Kevin goes on to explain what his own interpretation of the opera is trying to capture.

“In that sense my film is a musical journey, set against a contemporary story, where the lead performer goes through the same dilemmas as the character he plays in the opera.  Fantasy crosses over with reality and in the process the hero learns to understand how not to fear the creative genius of a daunting talent like Mozart, but to embrace the music for all of its inspiration.”

For more information on how the film came to be made, check out The Magic Flute Diaries Movie Companion on

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