Mozart’s 255th Birthday

By January 27, 2011Music
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In celebration of Mozart’s 255th Birthday, we’ve decided to take a look back at his family life.

Mozart’s parents had been married nine years, over the course of which their daughter Nannerl was born, along with five other children who died in infancy.  These tragedies would have been on the mind of both parents during Mozart’s delivery, especially considering there were some complications during it.  We know this because of a letter Mozart’s father, Leopold, wrote to his friend, Johann Jakob Lotter of Augsburg.  He was the publisher of Leopold’s violin textbook.

Mozart was born in his family’s home – the third-floor apartment of a building located at 9 Getreidegasse in Salzburg.  Anna-Maria Pertl (Mozart’s mother) and Leopold had lived their since their marriage.  Their landlord, Lorenz Hagenauer, ran a grocery store on the ground floor.  Apparently, Leopold kept in touch with this man throughout Mozart’s childhood, even when he was away with his son and daughter on their European musical tour.  It is from these letters that historians can track a lot of the smaller details of Mozart’s day-to-day experiences as a touring musician.

For more information about the life of Mozart, take a look at Kevin Sullivan’s in-depth documentary about the musical genius, Mozart Decoded.


Photo from The Treasures of Mozat.

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