Opera Now in 3D

By March 29, 2011Music

Operas in 3DWe recently brought you news that the Metropolitan Opera is broadcasting HD opera performances to actual movie theatres so that everyday movie-goers can enjoy the opera experience.

Now, the experience is being taken one step further with “Carmen 3D”, currently showing in New Jersey theatres until March 31.   Although one review claims that the production in 3D needs to work out some kinks, the idea is that people can see the more intricate, close up details of the performances, bringing them a vision of the world of opera that viewers have rarely seen.  They can also see it for a very small portion of the cost that a real opera theatre ticket would cost.

Along this same avenue is the work of Kevin Sullivan, who brought the visual world of opera to the forefront in his feature film, Mozart’s Magic Flute Dairies.  Through the use of green screen technology, vibrant costumes and props from real opera companies, such as the Opera Atelier, Sullivan worked to weave the libretto of Mozart’s opera into a highly visual story of his own creation.

And to learn more about “Carmen 3D”, click here.


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