Mozart Marathon a Historical First

By June 16, 2011Music

Conductor Stefan Sutkowski has taken on an entirely original Mozart Marathon challenge – at Warsaw’s annual Mozart Festival, his orchestra will play Mozart’s complete works without stopping.

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“No other opera house in the world has played all Mozart’s stage works in a row,” says the festival’s director, Stefan Sutkowski.  He adds that their opera house is probably the smallest in the world.  With just 159 seats in the city’s “pocket opera house”, the audience is guaranteed an intimate performance.

This Mozart Marathon is part of Warsaw’s annual Mozart Festival, opening this week.  It is the 21st year of the six-week event, which was started back in 1991 in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Mozart’s death.

In addition his operas, which will be performed several times, other chamber works will be featured, such as his C minor Mass and the Requiem, as well as his lesser known music and comic operas.  Also, there will be a pantomime ballet for Les Petits Riens and new parts were written for a section in the score where Mozart only wrote notations.

“We have used all the Mozart we could,” Sutkowski said.

The festival lasts until July 26.

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Photo: Musicians of the Warsaw Philarmonic Orchestra

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