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By July 26, 2011Music

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Here is a look at the film’s synopsis on

Young virtuoso singer Tom (Warren Christie – October Road, Flashpoint) is cast against his better judgment in the lead role of Tamino in the staging of The Magic Flute in Salzburg. Cast opposite Tom as Pamina, is a mysterious diva (Mireille Asselin) from Eastern Europe – with whom Tom quickly falls in love. Nothing is as it seems and we soon learn that Tom’s mysterious love interest is being held against her will in a lavish palace. Famed musicologist Dr. Richard Nagel (Rutger Hauer – Blade Runner, Sin City, Batman Begins) has been forced to train her in The Magic Flute’s arias. Sensing the danger that the diva is in, Dr. Nagel knows he must help her. He must shape her into the most mesmerizing Pamina Salzburg has ever heard. But the diva disappears, jeopardizing the premiere of the production, and Tom’s world careens out of control.

Kevin Sullivan worked closely with a real opera company, Opera Atelier, as well as trained performers, in order to authentically convey what being part of an opera is like.  As a whole, the film has the extravagance of the 18th century with the energy of a contemporary pop video.  To take a look at a preview of the film, click here!

In addition, we have now created a Mozart’s Magic Flute Facebook page, which not only has information about the film and its documentary counterpart, Mozart Decoded, but is updated daily with interesting facts about Mozart himself, his music and the works of other musical geniuses throughout history.  It also has information about a number of Mozart music festivals happening this summer all over the world.  To see the page, log into Facebook and click here!

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