Broadway’s Magic Flute En Route to Australia

By August 9, 2011Travel

The Daily Telegraph’s report states:

Earlier this year, Taymor was ousted as director of the troubled musical Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark, featuring music by Bono and The Edge. However, her Magic Flute, created for New York’s Metropolitan Opera in 2004, has been an unequivocal success.

The visually stunning, circus-like production, which features handmade silk puppets, will open OA’s Sydney summer season on January 6.

The OA’s artistic director, Lyndon Terracini, is incorporating Taymor’s production into the program, as well as the Broadway’s South Pacific, in an effort to broaden its audience.

“It’s beautiful, it’s exciting, it’s unbelievably family-friendly, it’s in English and it’s got all those sorts of things that people would expect if they saw The Lion King – a wonderful big bird flying across the stage and giant bears,” says Terracini.

To read more about the show and the other productions in OA’s program, click here!

The-Magic-Flute Andrew-Jones-as-Papageno-and-Artists-of-Opera-Australia.-Photo-by-Jeff-Busby.

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The Magic Flute. Andrew Jones as Papageno and Artists of Opera Australia. Photo by Jeff Busby

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