Windle up for the Challenge of the Queen of the Night Aria

By October 17, 2012Music
Erin Windle, Mozart's Magic Flute Diaries

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When making Magic Flute Diaries, Kevin Sullivan called upon an opera star who was already familiar with this challenging role. Erin Windle, an American, was able to expertly perform the modified version of the opera score required by the film. Please enjoy the two audio samples from the Magic Flute Diaries Soundtrack bellow:

The Queen of the Night Arrives by Sullivan Movies The Queen’s Revenge by Sullivan Movies

Erin, besides voicing the iconic character also played the part throughout the narrative. Her musical numbers were shot like a music video with extreme closeups and rapid angle changes.

Erin Windle, Mozart's Magic Flute Diaries

Erin Windle has received rave reviews from press around the world. Besides performing, Erin also is a vocal instructor in the Greenwich and Stamford area. To learn more about Erin, visit her site:

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