Portrait of a Composer: Mozart’s True Face

By January 18, 2013Music

Like many mysteries, this one was hiding in plain sight. A portrait of a 18th century figure has been confirmed as a portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The portrait has been the centre of discussion for many years, but Mozart’s identity hadn’t been confirmed due to this being the only portrait of the musical genius looking straight at the viewer and that this is the only known portrait of Mozart where he is not wearing his iconic powder wig.

Portrait of young Mozart

Image courtesy http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

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While the identity of this portrait was concluding through research and art history methods, sometimes extra tools are required to study paintings. Breakthrough in x-ray scanning now let art historians view underneath the surface of paintings to find under-paintings, replaced elements, hidden sketches, or sometimes even completely different works of art. Last year using these techniques a new Rembrandt painting was identified. These exciting techniques are explained in Sullivan Entertainment’s documentary Out of the Shadows.

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