Top Five Mozart Statues

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Mozart seems to be a favourite figure for statuary across the world. Here are our top five favourite Mozart statues.

Mozart statue

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5. New York

The statue is located in the Concert Grove area of the Prospect Park in Brooklyn in New York City. The bronze statue is a bust on top of granite that was put up in 1897. It was a gift from the United German Singers of Brooklyn. As the bust was the prize the United German Singers won at the National Saengerfest in Philadelphia in June 1897. The inscription reads, “Presented to the city of Brooklyn by the United German Singers of the city first prize at the 18th national Saengerfest held at Philadelphia June 23rd 1897”.

Statue of Mozart

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4. Frankfurt

The old opera building, Alte Oper, on the Opernplatz has statues of chariots, Pegasus and Mozart all in bronze on the balcony of the stone building. It was ruined during the war in 1944, but rebuilt during the 1970s. A new opera hall had been built in 1951, but after the Alte Oper was rebuilt it was used as a concert hall and convention centre.

Statue of Young Mozart

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3. London

This Mozart statue of when he was a young boy with his violin was put up in 1994 to mark the stay of Mozart in Victoria, central London in 1764. It was then that he composed two of his symphonies. The statue is in Orange Square, London.

Statue of Mozart

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2. Vienna

The statue is located in the Burggarten in Vienna. It was created in 1896 by Austrian Viktor Tilgner. It was originally located in Augustinerplatz but moved to the Burggarten in 1953. It has reliefs around the pedestal from Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni. It is one of the most visited statues in Vienna. It also has beautiful flower gardens in the shape of music notes around it as well.

Statue of Mozart

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1. Salzburg

This statue is located in the square and was made by Ludwig Schwanthaler. It was put up in 1842, which Mozart’s sons were able to see but his wife Constanze had already passed away. The king Ludwig I personally contributed funds to make sure the statue would be a great remembrance of Mozart in the town he was born in. The Salzburg Museum now owns the statue.

Seeing all these great statues shows how important it is to remember Mozart’s life and music!

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