Reality Ends where CGI Begins

By February 8, 2013Art

Scene from Mozart's Magic Flute Diaries, green screen filled with cityscapeMozart’s Magic Flute Diaries was shot primarily with the aid of green screens. Director Kevin Sullivan traveled throughout Europe taking photos to use as backgrounds for this colorful adventure.

In the shot above, reality ends at the curb. Set-designers transformed the Sullivan Entertainment backlot, primarily known as the town of New Bedford in Wind at my Back, into a series of Salzburg streets. However, to get the correct scope in the shots, green screens were still used. Clearly the square in the background of this image could not have been built easily at the Sullivan Entertainment studio.

While this shot had a real building and sidewalk, other shots from the film position the actors against completely fabricated surroundings. Most actors have trouble working in such minimalistic conditions, so it is up to the director to explain to them the world they are in. Kevin Sullivan’s strong sense of visualization allowed him to thrive with this difficult assignment.

Reality ends in green

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