Mozart’s Music Improves Eyesight

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Yet another study on the benefits of classic music has been done – and this time, it seems Mozart helps not just the ears, but with eyesight as well. The patients in Brazil were divided into thirty patients that did listen to Mozart before their eye test and thirty patients that did not listen to anything. Both groups had a mix of men and women. Researchers found out that those who did listen to the Mozart Sonata before eye test had better results than those who had been in silence before the test. The eye tests were for peripheral vision in patients with glaucoma or neurological conditions.

The study furthers the findings that support the ‘Mozart Effect’ that listening to classical music, such as by Mozart, that it improves brain function especially in regards to math skills and learning. The patients in Brazil doing the eye test that listened to Mozart found they had better focus when doing the test. As the ‘Mozart Effect’ helps with the spatial temporal reasoning, it helps with the visual information that comes into the brain.

Although there can always be bias in any research, it can still be concluded that music has a link to intelligence and performance.  So we should all be enjoying Mozart’s Magic Flute to improve our brain function!

Article Details: Mozart Aids Eye Check Accuracy

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