The Childhood Home of Mozart

By March 26, 2013Travel

Mozart was born in Salzburg in 1756 in a third floor apartment, Getreidegasse 9.

Mozart's Childhood Home

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He grew up in that apartment as the youngest of the family.  He began showing signs of musical genius at a young age in their home.

Mozart's home, Salzbury

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A rare picture of the room where his cradle stood.

Mozart's cradle

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And a plaque on the front of the building in honour of the importance of Mozart.

Mozart Plaque

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The house is wonderfully kept up and the building includes a museum on the first floor.  It is a great spot for any tourist in Salzburg to visit.  Mozart’s memory lives on in historical places like his birth place and childhood home, as well as his music like Magic Flute Diaries.

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