Tom finds Love in The Magic Flute

As many of us have experienced at one point or another in our lives, true love can be difficult to find. Such is the case for Tom, who finds himself trapped in a relationship he doesn’t want to be in.

Though Tom and his girlfriend Sandy head to Salzburg together, once they get there they slowly grow apart.

Though their relationship at some point was based in affection, Tom grows to secretly resent Sandy. He doesn’t think she’s all that talented of a singer and thinks that she is pushing him into a world and relationship he doesn’t want to be in. With Sandy, Tom lacks the confidence in his own vocal abilities even after landing the lead of Tamino. Secret resentment doesn’t make for a very loving relationship. Sandy does push him out of his comfort zone by insisting that he auditions for The Magic Flute. When we are pushed out of our comfort zones, that’s where the magic happens.

Tom and MashaWhen his co-star Masha enters the scene,  Tom’s love for her transforms him into a different person. Being thrust into Mozart’s opera reinvigorates Tom. Tom comes to realize he never disliked the opera, and it’s his relationship that was holding him back. Seeing Masha perform makes him want to become a better performer rather than wallow in his securities as he did with Sandy.

Throughout the film, Tom goes through a series of certain trials. He needs to learn if the professor has true intentions, if Masha truly loves him, and how to perfect his performance. Grappling with all of these tasks, Tom learns that he is capable of love. Rather than focusing on love and happiness as a sudden event, he learns to see it as a gradual transition with many steps to take to get there.

A true mate breaks down your personal barriers and helps you reveal new parts of yourself. Tom’s pursuit of Masha forces him to be more creative and develop his talent. He then fosters a love of Mozart’s opera. Masha escapes her enemies without Tom’s help but coming into her own brings her to Tom. Masha had her own trials to face because their love could fully blossom. Through the power of music, and the separate challenges that they face, both Masha and Tom found true with each other.

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