Travel in Mozart’s Magic Flute Diaries

By July 11, 2014Travel

Travel is an important element in Mozart’s Magic Flute Diaries.

In the film, Tom and his girlfriend Sandy, travel together to Salzburg and audition for the production of The Magic Flute. This trip to Salzburg would change the course of their relationship and their lives. Though not the original purpose for going to Salzburg, Tom goes on to embark on a journey of self discovery.

When we travel, it’s hard to know what will happen after we get there. Travelling is an experience where we leave our habitual environment and usual routine. This not only invites change, but the opportunity to learn something about yourself. Being in a city unfamiliar to him, Tom starts to reflect on his relationship with Sandy. He harbours secret resentment towards her, and holds negative feelings towards the world of music and performance. Walking through Salzburg where Mozart himself did, empowers Tom. Tom Flute

He also learns through The Magic Flute  through the power of Mozart’s music, he really does like performing, and perhaps it was both himself and his relationship with Sandy that was holding him back. Tom learns how to love in Salzburg. Captivated by one of her performances, Tom sees Masha sing and it becomes clear his relationship with Sandy is over and being in a different environment certainly helped.  You don’t always think you need to change until put into a different environment. Being in Salzburg changed Tom’s entire perspective on his talent, relationship and ultimately his life.

Tom Masha CafeBeing in the same city as the great Mozart himself made Tom see the changes he needed to make in order to make his life better and be happy. We often see travel as going from one place to another but it is more about what you learn along the way. Had Tom not taken the trip to Salzburg, he may have never performed again, and stayed in a pretty terrible relationship. Travelling gave him a new love and lease on life.

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