The Trials of Mozart in Magic Flute

By April 11, 2012Music


Freemasonry offers a course in self discipline that leads to self realization and finally to self fulfillment; to be the best human you can be. And that is why one is never asked to join no matter how eager one is. It must be a person’s own decision, just as Tamino makes his own choice to join Sarastro in order to continue in his journey. He must be ready to answer those questions for himself.

Mozart certainly went through his fair share of trials throughout his life… many at the hands of the nobility. The opera stage allowed him a platform to express his views through symbolism and allegory. Mozart’s delightful score and fantasy poked fun at the aristocracy he had grown to despise over the course of his career.

The character of the wizard, Sarastro, may well have represented the Lodge’s grandest member. Papageno, being the character that everyone can relate to comes right out of Grimm’s fairytales. He has human qualities and failings that everybody can recognize. Significantly, the Queen of the Night has been associated with the Empress Maria Teresa and one would not be unsurprised to learn that towards the end of Mozart’s life the Empress banned freemasonry in Austria, forcing it underground.

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